What are your concerns about being an academic blogger?

This post is from another blog site I write for. The first three paragraphs might not make sense but the points addressing concerns about academic blogging may be useful.

Thinking with Ed

So where are the blogs? In my first post, I promised a variety of educators a platform for expressing their vision to the world. I believe I was inspiring. The feedback I have had from colleagues has me motivated. The blog was shared more than any other I’ve written.

But where are the blogs? Shouldn’t they be pouring in, responding to my evangelism?

Of course not.

Stepping into the online world and making transparent your thought processes is challenging. Especially when you are a part of an industry that economises people’s thinking. The better the quality, the better the value.

Below are a few of my colleagues’ concerns. I can only address them from my own experience. I am not going to evangelise any more. Maybe gentle nudging is a better approach.

1. Blogging is not what my PhD and the Academy has trained me to do.

I agree. The…

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