Resisting my instincts

What would happen if an early career researcher did the opposite of what they found instinctual?

Should you share an idea before it has been fully thought through? Should all the t’s be crossed and i’s be dotted before you present your ideas to critics? Some might say that ignoring my instincts is a bad idea. After all, they have been honed over years of thesis development.

Maybe it is and maybe this will turn around to bite me, but this week I have tried an experiment. I did the opposite of what I thought I should do. I’m not sure of the results yet but my energy is high and I’m willing to see it through.

This week I have ramped up my usage of social media by hosting an Australian educator rotation curation (#RoCur) Twitter profile called @EduTweetOz. The point of the profile is to connect all types of educators from all levels of training. When hosting, the expectation is that a Twitter presence is maintained over a week by sharing personal stories and learning, curating and sharing education literature, media, blogs, opinion, etc.

One night, I used the forum to share some of my preliminary research. The ideas expand on my PhD findings and is presently at a simple literature review stage. I tweeted my ideas so far.

Read the rest of my story here.


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